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Protect Your Fish and Pond from Deadly Winter Toxins

When pond water temperatures fall below 55 degrees the beneficial bacteria in your pond becomes inactive.  The beneficial bacteria nitrogen cycle comes to a halt, resulting in a build up of deadly ammonia and nitrates.  Vigorous aeration assists in the release of some of these toxins, but does not break them down.  This is why ammonia and nitrate levels are typically at their peak in early Spring.
We have been using Aquameds Arctic Blend over the past six years as a winter water treatment with excellent results.  Arctic Blend is NOT a nitrifyng bacteria.  Arctic Blend is formulated with billions of natural unique microbes that absorb the ammonia from your winter pond water.  These unique microbes process the ammonia through their system, rendering the ammonia harmless to your fish.  Arctic Blend is 100% natural and is active in pond water as low as 35 degrees.
There is a noticeable difference in the early Spring water quality and fish health for our service customers that apply Arctic Blend regularly over the Winter.  These ponds are much healthier in the Spring and begin cycling quicker than the ponds that were not treated with Arctic Blend.
Apply Arctic Blend once every two weeks until your pond water temperature returns to 60 degrees.
32 Ounces will treat up to 5,000 gallon ponds for 5 months.
1 Gallon will treat up to 20,000 gallon ponds for 5 months.