HeatTrak Cable Extender 20" - HR-EXT20

HeatTrak Cable Extender 20" - HR-EXT20

Heat Trak 20" Cable Extender
The 20-Inch Watertight Cable Extension can be used with Industrial Stair Mats, Residential Walkway Mats, and Residential Stair Mats. The cable extension is not compatible with Industrial Walkway Mats. 
Multiple cable extensions can be connected together to create custom length cables. The 20-Inch Cable Extension and 25-Foot Cable Extension can also be connected together.  
When you Mix and Match the Residential Walkway and Stair Mats, there are two situations which may require you to use a 20-inch cable extension: 
1. Walkway Mats connecting on two different levels (i.e. a tiered walkway). In this case you will need a 20-inch cable extension to allow the mat cables to reach one another; 
2. A Stair Mat - Walkway Mat - Stair Mat combination.
Product Specifications: 
Length of extension cable: 20"
Cable Gauge: 14/3 SJTW.

See Installation Guide for more Information.

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