Biological Filtration

There are two general types of pond filtration - mechanical and biological.  A mechanical filter traps particles in the filter medium which is later removed by cleaning the filter pads. 

A biological filter uses beneficial bacteria to break down fish waste and other organic material. These bacteria convert harmful organic waste into harmless nitrates and nitrogen, which then become food for plants. This process also helps reduce algae growth in your pond. 

Many filters and/or filterfalls incorporate both mechanical and biological filtration.  However, in our installation and maintenance business we are surprised by the number of new customers that are not using any bio media in their filter.  You want to maximize the amount of bio media you use in your filtration device.  This simply means using as much media as you can without overly impeding the flow.  Two common bio media choices are Bio-Balls , or Lava Rock.

If your pond filter or filterfalls does not provide for biological filtration, there are two choices:

1)  Add a  filter or filterfalls with biological capability; or 

2)  Adding a biological filter pad to your existing mechanical filtration system, such as the Poly-Flo Biological Filter Media.

Whatever your circumstances, it is essential to have biological filtration for the health and well-being of your pond system.