Feeding Your Pond Fish


Feeding time is probably the most enjoyable activity of keeping fish. It is a chance to "interact" with your pond fish and get to know their personalities.  Also, it provides a great opportunity to check on the health of your fish by inspecting fish close at hand and observing their behavour.  

If possible, pond fish should be fed on a basis of a little and often rather than one main feed a day. On each occasion, they should be fed what they will eat in 3-5 minutes, removing what they haven't eaten from the surface. Subsequent feeds should be adjusted accordingly. Overfeeding will lead to water quality problems as the excess food soon pollutes the pond water.  

 In the warmer summer months, fish will have larger appetites and consume larger quantities of food than any other time of the year. At these times, a higher protein "growth " diet should be offered.  We recommend Blackwater Max Growth Fish Food or Microbe-Lift's Legacy High Growth & Energy Fish Food .  

 As the autumn approaches and temperatures begin to cool, a lower protein "wheatgerm" food will prove to be better for your fish and filter.  Good choices are Blackwater Wheat Germ/Cool Season Fish Food and Microbe-Lift's Legacy Cool Weather Wheat Germ Food .

 If you ever notice any redness on the skin of fish, body sores, or mouth/fin rot you should start feeding ALL your fish Medi-Koi for a minimum of 14 days.  This should be the protocol even if you notice these signs on only one of your fish.  Medi-Koi contains 4 medications that are proven highly effective to fight the most common fungus and bacterial infections.  It is completely safe and cannot hurt either your healthy or sick fish.