How To Build A Disappearning Fountain

Disappearing fountains provide a great accent to your garden, patio, entry, or even deck.  They are one of the easiest water features to install and can go just about anywhere.  The decorative item can be almost anything - a pot, vase, piece of granite, smooth rock, we have even seen bicycle handlebars (although this is typically not our first recommendation...).  The flexibility in designing a disappearing fountain is limited only by your imagination!

Things You'll Need:
1)  Fountain Basin - we recommend Atlantic WaterGardens and Little Giant basins for larger, heavier fountains; and the Laguna basin for lighter, small fountains (see below).
2)  Low Profile Pump - we recommend the Cal Pump S900T (900 GPH) or the Pondmaster Pond-Mag 9.5 (950 GPH) for large fountains; and the Cal Pump S580T (830 GPH) or the Pondmaster Pond-Mag 7 (700 GPH) for small fountains.
3)  Flexible Tubing and Fittings - just send an email or call and we will set you up with everything you need.
4)  Decorative Item - most common are pots, vases, rock and bamboo.
1)  Dig a hole big enough for the fountain basin.  You want the top of the basin 2" below ground surface.  Make sure the basin is level.
2)  Place the pump in the basin, connect the fittings and flexible tubing to the pump, and run the tubing up through the center of the basin grate.
3)  Cover the basin grate with plastic mesh.
4)  Place the decorative item on the basin grate and run the tubing up through the center.
5)  Lay river rock (or decorative gravel) on the top of the basin (around the decorative item) to completely conceal the basin.
6)  Fill the basin and the decorative item with water and turn on the pump.
7)  Open your beverage of choice, sit back, relax and enjoy!