How To Get Rid Of Green Water Algae

As the days gradually grow warmer, plankton algae blooms begin to plague many ponds.  This is the dreaded "green water" algae that makes your pond look like pea soup.  

Controlling plankton algae is simple in theory - just reduce the two things it needs to grow: sunlight and nutrients.  While this may work for many ponds, for others it is simply impractical to make much of an improvement in water clarity.  In these cases, an effective UV clarifier will work wonders.

Controlling Sunlight
The best way to control sunlight is to add a nice variety of aquatic plants.  Plants will not only block sunlight but also compete with algae for nutrients.  The good news is the aquatic plants are the winners in this competition, effectively "starving" the plankton algae.  You should shoot for 50% to 70% coverage of you pond surface.   

Another effective way to reduce sunlight is to add a "sun blocker", aka pond tint, to your pond.  Pond tint reduces the amount of sunlight your pond absorbs, and provides the added benefit of keeping the water cooler during the summer months and helps protect your fish from predators.  We like CrystalClear Pond Tint.

Reducing Nutrients 

Excessive nutrients are the result of decaying debris (leaves and plants), a build up of sludge on the pond bottom, excessive fish waste (too many fish in the pond), and over feeding fish or aquatic plants. 

Use a pond vacuum every couple of weeks to remove decaying organic debris and sludge from the bottom of you pond.  You also want to catch the leaves and debris before they settle into the pond.  You can either manually remove them with a pond net, or install a skimmer to continuously skim the leaves and debris from your pond.

UV Clarification 

Ultraviolet clarifiers are a very effective method of eliminating plankton algae.  They are easy to install and do not change your water's chemistry as water treatments will.  When the clarifier is properly sized to your pond, your "pea soup" will turn into clear water within a week, many times in just a few days. 

We've been stunned by the consistent rave customer reviews we've received on our new line of Aqua UV Clarifiers.  It is our opinion that the Aqua clarifiers are the best available.  This makes sense as Aqua is a UV company with a pond line, not a pond equipment company that happens to have UV clarifiers.