How To Get Rid of String Algae


String algae are the algae filaments that hang from rocks, attach to plants, or float on the surface of the water.  Do not confuse string algae with the soft, velvety, jelly-like coating that forms on the sides of the pond.  This is good algae - the fish like to eat it and it contains beneficial bacteria.   

 One way of getting rid of string algae is to pull it out by hand, or drain your pond and scrape it all out.  You can't use an algaecide as it will wreak havoc on your ecosystem and harm your fish.  So, ridding your pond of string algae "manually" requires persistence and effort.

For those of you looking for a less labor-intensive solution, we recommend a two-phase approach using water treatments.  The first phase is to kill the existing string algae using Crystal Clear's  Algae-Off or PondCare's AlgaeFix .  These products will not alter your pond's ecosystem, will not harm your fish or your plants, and are ineffective on the "good" algae.  You do need decent water circulation in your pond to ensure the treatments are well-dispersed.  Also, when the string algae dies and turns brown, make sure to remove it from the pond.  

Once the existing string algae is gone, it's time to roll out the second phase - Barley.

Barley emits natural enzymes that suppresses the growth of string algae.  Keep in mind, it will do nothing to eliminate existing string algae.  We prefer Microbe-Lift Barley Extract to barley bales or other extracts as it is easier to use and highly effective.