Keeping Your Koi Fish Healthy

In the Spring and Summer months Koi fish are at heightened risk.  They become more susceptible to body sores (ulcers), fin rot, and attack by a variety of parasites.  Keep an extra close eye on your fish during this time and be prepared to react quickly if you detect signs of disease or parasites.

The WaterGardener is a preferred distributor for AquaMeds, the most effective and safe line of Koi fish health products available.  We carry the complete line of AquaMeds products at the lowest prices available. 

Medi-Koi has a proven record as the top medicated fish food on the market for curing koi ulcer body sores and other bacterial infections.  Medi-Koi contains three powerful antibiotics that are milled into the feed, not top dressed like the cheaper imitations, where the medications are quickly lost in the pond water and become useless.  Available in three sizes:

1.25 Pounds       $14.95
3 Pounds            $29.02
8 Pounds            $58.54

Aqua MedZyme is a natural beneficial bacteria water treatment which significantly reduces deadly ulcers.  It is completely natural and is safe for filters, plants, pets and wildlife.  Available in dry concentrate and liquid:

Dry Concentrate - 1 Lb    $36.95
Liquid - 32 oz                 $38.44 

Aqua Prazi is the most effective treatment for the Number #1 pond fish enemy - flukes.  Flukes are the cause of many deadly pond fish ulcers, body sores and bacterial infections.  Aqua Prazi is 100% pure praziquantel with no fillers or added medications. 

25 Grams      $30.44 
50 Grams      $57.44
100 Grams    $99.44

Terminate is a water treatment specifically designed to treat salt resistant parasites and fungal disease.  Terminate is very safe for treating costia, chilodonella, ich, oodinium and fungal infections.   

1 Gallon    $37.44

Ulcer AidRx treats the toughest bacterial infections fast.  It is specifically designed to treat body sores, fin rot, gill infections and mouth rot.  Ulcer AidRx comes in a kit with a spray applicator.  You will need to move your sick fish to a holding tank for about 3 days during treatment.   

50 Grams         $32.44

 Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any questions with what may be ailing your Koi fish and a recommendation for the best treatment product.