Pond Energy Saving Tip - Pump Redundancy

Simply put, when it comes to pumps, bigger is NOT better; and two IS better than one.  


Whether you have a Direct Drive, Mag Drive or Hybrid Drive pump, using two half-sized pumps of the same head capacity will significantly reduce the costs of running your water feature, often by as much as 40%.  


Here is a quick example based upon Little Giant's Mag Drive pump line:


Model                             # Pumps         GPH @ 5'               Total Watts            Savings 

PWM5200                               1                3,400                       566  

PWM2600                               2                3,260*                      408                     28%


To really reduce reduce your cost, consider using a Hybrid Drive or energy efficient pump, such as the Atlantic TidalWave, Oase Aquamax, or Aquascape AquaForce


Model                            # Pumps          GPH @ 5'               Total Watts            Savings 

PWM5200                            1                  3,400                        566   

Oase AquaMax 3000             2                  4,000*                       226                      60%


* Pumps flows at 5' are not exactly equivalent, but you get the idea...


If energy savings isn't enough to convince you, here are some other advantages of a dual pump system:


· One pump out won't mean a total loss of circulation, especially critical on warm nights

· One can be removed for maintenance or repair while the other maintains circulation

· Running only one at a time, alternating with timers, doubles the life of the units

· Running only one pump at night or while on vacation saves on operating costs

· Running only one pump during winter keeps an area free of ice while reducing costs 

· Running only one pump constantly leaves the other for higher flow on demand

· Running only one pump during outdoor parties, when two pumps would be too noisy


Another great way to reduce your energy costs is to install a Cal Pump Power Control Center, available in 15' or 50' cord lengths.  These nifty gadgets allow you to control all of your pond features (pumps, lights, clarifiers) from one location.  They feature dual digital timers and 4 120V receptacles.