Pond Water Quality

 Healthy water quality is the secret to successful fish keeping. Testing water is the most accurate way of determining the suitability of pond water for fish. Test kits are available in a number of different forms. They are easy to use and give a quick and accurate indication as to the state of your pond environment. Pond water should be tested regularly, particularly during the weeks and months over which a new pond is matured and stocked with fish. The tests will determine whether your filter is keeping pace with the waste produced by the fish and food in the pond. Several tests to use are:

1. pH - Checks the acidity/alkalinity of pond water. It should be in the range of 7.5 - 9.0 (max), with 8.0 - 8.5 being the most desirable. If the pH is outside this range consider using an all natural water treatment, such as Crystal Clear pHusion Down or Pond Care pH Up , to acheive balanced pH levels. Wide Range Liquid pH Test Kit  

2. Ammonia. This is a test for the amount of raw, soluble waste present in the pond. It should be broken down by biological filtration at the same rate at which it is produced, giving a zero reading. A positive ammonia reading indicates the water is toxic to fish and should be diluted with a partial water change. Feeding should be stopped and only recommenced when a zero reading is achieved.  If your biological filtration i not able to keep pace, supplement with Crystal Clear AmmoniaFix which assists in the completion of the nitrification cycle. Ammonia Test Kit   

3. Nitrite. Bacteria in a filter break down ammonia into nitrites which are still toxic to fish and quite a bit more persistent in the water than ammonia. Again, a zero reading is essential with the same action carried out as for a positive ammonia reading.  Pond Care Nitrite Test Kit   

4. Nitrate is the 'bank' where all nitrogen from ammonia and nitrite is eventually deposited. It is only harmful in excessive concentrations and can be removed through plant growth or a monthly partial water change.

The Pond Care Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing pH, ammonia, nitrites and phosphates.