Spring Filter Maintenance

Early spring is the perfect time to clean your pond filter.  Most pond filters have been sitting dormant over the past few months with no water circulation.  Its best to clean the filter early on to reduce toxins that built up over the winter, and to ensure optimum filter performance to minimize the amount early spring organic material in the pond.  Also, if you have a biological filter, it will provide a nice head start to re-colonizing your filter media with beneficial bacteria.

For mechanical filters, inspect your filter pads.  Replace them If they are showing any noticeable signs of wear.  Otherwise, give them a good rinse.

For biological filters, if you are using lava rock as your media replace the rock in the spring.  Consider upgrading to biospheres which provide a great medium for beneficial bacteria and will last the life of your filter.

With the filter pads and/or media removed, scoop or vacuum out the sludge in the bottom of the filter.  Also check all of your connections and hoses for leaks or cracks. 

When your filter is up and running its a great idea to add a product like Microbe-Lift PL to quickly reestablish beneficial biological activity.  You can also use Microbe-Lift PL Gel and apply it directly to your filter pads.