Spring Koi and Pond Fish Health

Early Spring is a critical time for the health of your koi and pond fish.  How you treat your fish when they come out of their long "winters nap" will determine their health for the rest of the season.  In this week's article we provide 6 quick tips to ensure healthy koi and pond fish:   

1. Frequently check the temperature of your pond water. A water thermometer is priceless for proper spring pond care.

2. Test your pond water for ammonia, KH (carbonate hardness) and pH. Pond water below 50° F should be brought inside and warmed to room temperature before taking a test. We recommend the Pond Care Master Test Kit 

3. Never feed your fish any type of food (no matter how much they beg) until pond the water temperature reaches 55 to 60°F for two weeks day and night. Your fish's metabolic rate is very low in the spring and their digestive system is slow.  

4. Feed your fish very little the first week. The "good bacteria" that keeps your pond free from ammonia and nitrites are just waking up in the spring.  It takes several weeks for them to grow and become strong enough to be able to remove the ammonia from the decomposing fish waste.

Base your feeding on your ammonia and nitrite tests. If they are high, reduce your feedings and do small water changes using a good water conditioner that removes ammonia, such as CrystalClear AmmoniaFix.

5. Two of the biggest causes of koi and pond fish deaths in the spring are parasites on your fish and the bad bacteria in your pond water. As your pond water warms up they attack your koi and pond fish when their immune system is at its weakest. 

As soon as your pond water reaches 40 F start treating your pond with Aqua MedZyme to reduce the number of deadly bacteria in your koi pond water.

You can treat your pond for parasites once the water temperature reaches 55 to 60° F. We recommend Aqua Prazi to prevent flukes, and Terminate for other pond parasites.  Both of these products can be used as a preventive measure - before signs of fluke or parasite infestation. 

For a complete treatment regimen against bacteria, flukes, and parasites, we recommend Aquameds Koi Fish Health Care Kit (each kit treats 2,500 gallons). This kit includes everything you need to treat your koi and pond fish for parasites and bacterial infections, and includes step by step instructions.

6. Don't forget those important pond water changes. At least a ten percent water change once a week in the Spring will keep your koi and pond fish happy and healthy. Make sure you use a good water conditioner that removes not just chlorine but also ammonia - like   

Dechlor & More.