Spring Koi Health

Koi health is a particular concern in the spring when your fish are "waking up" from their winter's nap.  Ulcers, fin rot and parasites appear most frequently in the spring, when the parasites take advantage of the fish's weak immune system. Plus, you have the problem of poor quality pond water due to lack of pond filtering, the reestablishment of beneficial bacteria, and pond water changes over the winter months.  Here are the causes and cures of the most common spring Koi ailments:


Koi Ulcers and Body Sores  

Koi ulcers are open body sores on koi and pond fish. Koi ulcers are a secondary bacterial infection. The primary cause of koi ulcers is parasites. Koi ulcers can also be caused by poor pond water conditions, rough handling of your koi and pond fish or your koi hitting themselves against sharp rocks or objects in your fish pond. Anything that damages the "slime coat" of your fish can cause ulcers.  A great product to treat both the primary and secondary causes of ulcers and body sores is the Aqua Meds Health Care Kit.  For koi ulcers that just won't heal, Ulcer Aid Rx Kit is a highly effective product that targets the secondary symptom.  


Fin and Tail Rot 

Fin and tail rot are a bacterial infection caused by predator type, life threatening bacteria which are present in great numbers in every pond fish and koi pond. These bacteria take advantage of stressed koi and pond fish. It is not uncommon for secondary infections to occur such as fungal infections with  "white cotton wool-like tufts".


Most of the time fin and tail rot are caused by stress, which can stem from poor water conditions prevalent in the spring, or even simply the change in sleeping/eating cycles. When you see the beginning of fin and tail rot it is best to treat the primary cause - the bacteria present in the pond water.  A great water treatment is Aqua MedZyme (available in both dry concentrate and liquid) which literally "consumes" these deadly bacteria. 

Fluke Parasites

The number one pond fish parasite enemy are flukes.  Fish flukes are the cause of many deadly ulcers, body sores and bacterial infections.  Aqua Prazi (100% pure Praziquantel) the safest, most effective koi medication on the market for treating fluke parasites.  It does not stress your koi pond fish or set back your pond filter. Plus, Aqua Prazi is an excellent pond treatment for internal worms in koi, goldfish and pond fish. All it takes is just one treatment and no pond water changes. We suggest treating with Aqua Praziā„¢ every spring to get your koi pond fish off to a great year.