Spring UV Clarifier Maintenance

Whether or not you removed your UV Clarifier over the winter, it is important to check the equipment carefully and evaluate its efficacy.  Before turning the system on, do a visual check of the bulb, sleeve and transformer.  Look for any cracks in the bulb or sleeve, and for signs of damage to the sleeve or transformer.

If everything looks good, go ahead and fire up the unit and check to make sure the lamp is shining.  If the lamp is shining, run the clarifier for 3 to 4 days then evaluate the clarity of the water.  If the water has not cleared to a reasonable level, the lamp has lost its strength and it needs to be replaced.
If the lamp is not shining, it most likely is the result of one of the following:
1)  The lamp is blown.  But before you rush off and replace the lamp, first check if any water is leaking into the sleeve.  A telltale sign is a white crust at the transformer end of the lamp.
2)  The sleeve is cracked.  With the unit turned off, carefully unscrew the cap and remove the sleeve.  Check for even the tiniest hairline cracks.  If there is any damage at all, replace both the sleeve and the lamp.
3)  Faulty transformer.  This is much less common, and is usually the result of leaving the UV system out over the winter.  Plug a new lamp into the transformer.  If the lamp does not shine, or sparkles, you will need to replace the transformer.

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