Spring UV Maintenance

The second most important factor for a successful Spring pond opening is to ensure your UV Clarifier is operating properly and with maximum efficacy.  Early Spring green water (plankton algae) blooms are very common.  When your pond starts to get more sunlight, the plankton algae begins to come to life.  There is a perfect storm of sunlight and excessive nutrients.  Yet your beneficial bacteria has not activated due to cool water temperatures.  This leaves a wide open playing field for green water algae.

The early Spring green water algae will die off as water temps rise.  But then the bottom of your pond is covered in a green sludge which itself begins to decompose creating excessive nutrients -  and the vicious cycle continues.  From our experience, it is best to nip this in the bud with a properly functioning UV Clarifier running when you first start to cycle the pond.

First check the UV to see if the bulb is igniting.  NEVER look directly at the bulb - use peripheral vision.  If the bulb is igniting, then you know the ballast (transformer), sleeve and bulb are in operating condition.  We do recommend you replace the bulb at least once a year to make sure you're getting the most out of your UV.  We carry replacement bulbs for nearly every manufacturer which can be found here.

If your bulb does not ignite, then either your bulb is bad, or both your bulb and ballast (transformer) are bad.  It is very difficult to determine if your ballast is bad unless you have a contractor grade multimeter.  We recommend buying a bulb first to determine if its just the bulb.  If so, great - you're good to go!  If not, you will need to replace the ballast as well. 

Lastly, closely inspect the quartz sleeve.  Even a hairline crack will eventually allow in moisture which most likely will result in shorting the ballast and blowing the bulb.  If the quartz sleeve is good, give it a delicate cleaning with soap and warm water before re-installing.

If you do not have a UV, we recommend the Aqua Ultraviolet line.  Aqua's UV's are the most popular because of both their effectiveness and the relatively low cost of bulbs and other replacement parts.  Aqua UV's can be found here.