The Best Winter Pond Product

Arctic Blend is a beneficial bacteria that becomes most active at pond water temperatures BELOW 55 degrees.  Wait! (you say) "Beneficial bacteria becomes DORMANT at water temperatures below 55 degrees!"  Which is correct - but only for nitrifying bacteria. 

Arctic Blend is not a nitrifying bacteria.  Arctic Blend's beneficial bacteria is formulated with billions of natural unique microbes that absorb the ammonia from your winter pond water. These unique microbes process the ammonia through their system, rendering the ammonia harmless to your fish. You never have the common "nitrifying bacteria nitrogen cycle" which is, high ammonia then high nitrites and at last, less toxic nitrates.

We started using Arctic Blend in our local pond service and maintenance business two years ago.  Our experience with the product has been fantastic.  When we return to our customers ponds for the spring opening, there is a very real difference in the ponds that have been treated with Arctic Blend as compared to those that have not.  The fish are more active, the water clearer, with noticeably less sludge and muck on the bottom (the microbes also digest sludge - added benefit!).
Arctic Blend is available in two sizes:

32 oz - treats up to 5,000 gallons for 4 months                         $34.99 
1 Gallon - treats up to 20,000 gallons for 4 months                   $89.99