Time for Pond Netting


Sad to say Summer is coming to an end and soon enough we're going to see more and more leaves on the lawn between mowing...  Keeping these leaves and other organic debris out of your pond is critical to maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem.  Decaying organic material causes cloudy water, reduced oxygen levels, and an increase in harmful nitrates and ammonia.   

Pond netting is a great solution for keeping leaves out of your pond in the fall.  In most cases pond skimmers simply cannot keep up with leaf accumulation.  The other alternative is scooping leaves out of the pond 2 to 3 times a day.  Not for me.  In the next couple of weeks I will be stretching my 15' x 20' pond net over my pond so I can simply blow the leaves off with a blower.  Also, pond nets protect your fish from migrating birds looking for an easy meal along their route.

We carry 3 types of pond netting, as well as domed pond protectors.  We did take advantage of pre-season specials form the manufacturers and have dropped our prices on all our nets until inventory runs out and we have to re-order.   

Premium Pond Netting 

Made by Pond Nets, this is arguably the most durable netting available.  These nets feature a 1/8" mesh, 1.5" wide reinforced edging, and brass grommets every 2 feet.  These nets are typically used for seasonal applications and will last a number of seasons with proper care.  

Heavy Duty Pond Netting 

Made by DeWitt, these nets feature a 1/4" mesh consisting of knitted strands that are bonded together.  They do stretch somewhat to "form" to your pond, making them easy to install.  With the larger mesh size it can be used year-round, but most customers use them during the Fall/Winter months only.

Deluxe Pond Netting 

Made by Dalen Gardeneer, these nets feature a 3/8" mesh and are constructed out of UV protected polypropylene.  Due to the wider mesh and thinner strands, these nets can "float" on the surface of the pond and are less visible.  They are a great option if you need to cover a large surface area or are looking for a year-round net.

Domed Pond Protectors 

Made by Atlantic Water Gardens, these nets include fiberglass poles to create a dome over your pond.  This allows leaves and debris to slide down to the edges, and does not inhibit plant growth.  There are two sizes available - a 7'x 9' dome and a 9' x 12' dome.