Tips for Summer Pond Maintenance

Summer is about to be in full swing! Is your pond ready? While you may know the basics of summer pond care, it's important that you pay attention to all the hazards your pond faces when the sun starts to shine.

Keep Your Oxygen Levels High  

The warm weather has a dramatic affect on oxygen levels in your pond - the warmer the water, the lower the level of dissolved oxygen.  Low oxygen levels can lead to fish kills, increased algae growth, and a reduction in beneficial bacteria resulting in an increase in ammonia, nitrites and nitrate.  An aeration system will ensure the dissolved oxygen levels remain high throughout the summer months.  

Keep Your Pond Topped Off 

Make sure the water level stays where it should be to ensure that your pump and/or skimmer is able to operate properly. This will help keep your pond free of debris while providing plenty of oxygenated water for your fish.  

Sunblock for Your Fish

Pond fish are not immune from sunburn, especially in shallow ponds that get direct sunlight. Provide shade such as the Nature's Blue Plus pond tint, water lilies or a rock overhang.     

Add More Plants

The more the merrier! If at all possible, try to cover at least 60% of the pond's surface area with pond plants. Also, make sure you have plenty of marginal and floating plants around the pond to blend the pond's edge with your landscape.

Don't Overfeed Your Fish

In the extreme heat of the summer, this can lead to oxygen depletion and possible algae blooms. A good rule of thumb is not to feed your fish more than they can eat in a period of two to three minutes.

Do Not Clean Your Filter Pads 

If you have a biological filtration system, cleaning off the filter pads will destroy the algae fighting bacteria that live there, resulting in excess algae growth.

Add Beneficial Bacteria

The best out there is Microbe-Lift PL.  Beneficial bacteria will compete with the algae for excess nutrients in the water, and effectively help to starve the summer algae into submission.