Water Treatments: What You Need

Pond water treatments are possibly the most confusing segment of pond products.  There are dozens of manufacturers offering products that run the gamut.  To help simplify, we will share the products we have on all of our trailers in our pond maintenance business. Products which we use regularly with great results.


We like to categorize water treatments into two segments: those that treat the cause and those that treat the symptoms.  Water treatments that treat the "cause" are generally beneficial bacteria which result in optimal pond balance, reducing or eliminating the need for "symptom" treatments.   However, "symptom" treatments (ie algaecides, de-flocculants, pH buffers, ammonia reducers, etc) are sometimes needed in even the most healthy ponds.


What's On Our Trailers


"The Big Three"

The following water treatments we use on every maintenance call, regardless of what is occurring in the pond at the time of visit:


Crystal Clear ClarityMax

Crystal Clear Biological Clarifier

Crystal Clear MuckOff


We have had fantastic results with these three products.



A must to have on hand at all times if you are on municipal water.  You don't want to be caught scrambling if you experience an unexpected water loss. Also when performing partial water changes, or if your autofill is working overtime due to excessive evaporation.


AquaMeds DeChlor & More


pH Buffer

While high pH is a nuisance, low pH or a "pH Crash" can be a fish killer.  With a fast acting pH buffer you can address a crash quickly and save your fish.


AquaMeds Buff-It-Up


Ammonia Reducer

Like with low pH, high levels of ammonia are toxic to your fish.  Ammonia release is always occuring in your pond as a result of decaying organic material (nitrifcation cylce), fish respiration, etc.  Balanced ponds will naturally eliminate ammonia.  However, there are times when you may a experience an ammonia spike which must be neutralized immediately.


Crystal Clear AmmoniaFix



I know, "treating the synptom", but while the goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for algaecides, you most likely have, or will, experience times where a little help is needed.    


For string algae that is above or near the water level (ie streams, rocks) CrystalClear AlageOff is very effective.  Just turn the pump off, sprinkle on, wait 30 minutes, and turn the pump back on.


For string algae below water level, as well as plankton (green water algae), we have had great results with Microbe-Lift AlgAway 5.4.  This is a liquid product that is applied directly into the pond water.



These are used when you have persistent murky water (not green water).  De-flocculants should be used sparingly, as they can upset your pond balance with excessive use.


AquaMeds ClearShine



IMPORTANT NOTE:  When applying beneficial bacteria, you must turn off your UV for 48 hours after time of application.  Also, do not apply algaecides and beneficial bacteria at the same time.  Spread out the applications by several days.