Airmax Avocet PLX - 1 Qt

Airmax Avocet PLX - 1 Qt

Airmax Avocet PLX 1 Quart - 530168

Avocet PLX is designed for emergent weeds. Avocet is a systemic herbicide that will kill the roots of even the most persistent shore weed. Apply directly to the foliage allowing it to be absorbed by the weed, killing the roots. Made in the USA.

  • Aquatic herbicide
  • Size: 1qt
  • Now with Surfactant, Avocet PLX kills your weeds without the need of Cide-Kick.
  • Avocet is non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill what it touches.
  • If you want to control only a section of your weeds, only spray that section.
  • It's great for cattails.
  • Works great on beaches and shorelines or anywhere emergent weeds grow.

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