Airmax Pond Logic PondAir 4 Aeration Kit

Airmax Pond Logic PondAir 4 Aeration Kit

Airmax Pond Logic PondAir 4 Water Garden Professional Aeration Kit, - for ponds up to 2,000 gallons

Great for All Seasons!

These high efficiency, low cost aeration pumps are ideal for water gardens and shallow ponds.With multiple sizes available there is sure to be an aeration pump to fit your pond aeration application. Whether you are replacing the pump in an existing aeration system or creating your own, you can trust Pond Logic® Aeration Pumps to provide the power you need to breathe some life into your pond.1 year manufacturer's warranty. 

Aeration Benefits:

  • Increases oxygen levels to ensure healthy pond life
  • Ensures pond balance by promoting beneficial bacteria growth for biological filters.
  • Lowers toxic gases and ammonia by promoting gas exchange
  • Reduces chance of fish kill during the winter by keeping a hold open on the water's surface

  • Includes:
    High efficiency quad output compressor with flow control dial heavy duty seals and elevated rear air intake, 4 blue airstones, 4 rolls of 30' high grade - UV resistant black silicone airline, 4 check valves, 6 foot outdoor power cord.

    PondAir™ 4 System Specs:
    Voltage . 115V/60Hz
    Wattage 8 Watts
    Air Flow . 0.30 CFM
    Pond Size 2,000 Gallons
    Cost/Month 37¢ (24/7)

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