AquaMeds ARMOR Rx - 1 Gal

AquaMeds ARMOR Rx - 1 Gal

Helps Heal Damaged Scales, Skin and Fins Fast!

  • ARMOR'S fast acting protective coating with vitamin E promotes the healing of damaged scales, skin, fins and reduces stress
  • ARMOR Rx™ is an excellent product to use if the scales and "Slime Coat" of your fish has been damaged caused by abrasions from rocks, netting, injecting or breeding activity.
  • ARMOR Rx™ helps protect the "Slime Coat" by forming a synthetic slime coat until your fish is able to rebuild it's own slime coat
  • ARMOR'S unique formula restores the damaged scales and "Slime Coat" with a natural double "Slime Coat" protection
  • ARMOR Rx™ does not hinder your fish's gills or breathing
  • ARMOR Rx™ should be used anytime the fish are being handled
  • ARMOR Rx™ removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals

ARMOR Rx™ is packaged in a one gallon size only:

One gallon treats up to 7,680

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