Atlantic BF1000 FilterFalls

Atlantic BF1000 FilterFalls


Atlantic BF1000 FilterFalls

Combines 3 phase filtration with a beautiful 14" waterfall.

Extra wide spillway enhances the waterfall & aerates the water.

Open swirl chamber lets water flows evenly & efficiently through filter media.

Three separate filtering actions for clean water.

Designed to be camouflaged with natural materials and plants.

Extra large container holds more bacteria for a cleaner pond.

Black polyethylene container is warranted for life.

Lifetime warranty on basin.

FilterFall Specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20″ × 14″ × 15″
Waterfall Opening 14"
Container Capacity 8 gallons
Max Pond Size 1200 gallons
Max Pump Flow 2000 GPH
Inlet 1½" FPT

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