Hikari Spirulina Fish Food - Large Pellet

Hikari Spirulina Fish Food - Large Pellet

Hikari Spirulina

Superior Color Enhancing Supplemental Diet For Koi


  • Floating Pellet That Will Not Cloud The Water
    • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten
    • Helps eliminate over-feeding
    • Reduces water quality problems
    • More economical
  • Color Enhancement
    • High in pure, cultured spirulina, a natural color enhancer
    • Rich in NS germ
    • Brings out the most vibrant, natural colors
    • Will not affect the white areas of the fish
    • Will add beauty and luster to the skin
  • Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
    • Supports immune system health
    • Promotes a long, healthy life
  • Excellent Daily Diet
  • Outstanding nutrition
  • Easily digested
  • Promotes championship form and color


17.6 oz Mini Pellet #07242

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