CrystalClear KnockOut Ick Control - Koi & Fish Medication

CrystalClear KnockOut Ick Control - Koi & Fish Medication

  • Prevents Ick infestation
  • Eliminates fungi & protozoa
  • Safe for all pond fish

EasyTreat Ick is formulated for helping control Ick on pond fish. Treated correctly EasyTreat Ick will removie ick parasites, protozoa, bacteria and fungi from most fish species. EasyTreat Ick is a broad spectrum treatment for fungus, ick and flukes.

Ichthyophthirius (Ick)

What Is It? Ich is a parasitic protozoan that lives under fishes' skin. It is a very pervasive parasite and left untreated can kill every fish in a pond very quickly. Warning Signs: Fish will exhibit white spots, clamped fins, slimy skin, may become listless, loss of appetite. Cause: Sudden cold, overcrowding, overfeeding, poor water quality including high ammonia or nitrite levels and poor dissolved oxygen content.

Directions For Use

2 Teaspoons Treats 100 Gallons
Repeat treatment three times over a two week time period.

Remove all forms of filter media during the two week time period.

Bath Application

Should you want to avoid removing filter media a dip application can be performed in a separate holding tank or "hospital tank", do not reuse container for any other use. Remove 25% – 50% of water in tank before each application.


Only use the amount stated above. Overdosing will not increase affect.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Repeated contact with skin may result in an allergic irritation. Use in well ventilated area and is advisable to use gloves when handling this product. In case of contact with skin or eyes flush with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately. If swallowed give 1 or 2 glasses of water and call physician. Immediately induce vomiting only if directed to do so by physician.


Failure to use as directed or changes in water conditions not consistent with label may result in loss or injury to aquatic life. Winston Company, Inc. nor Unit Liner Company is not responsible for any loss of aquatic life.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
Not For Human Consumption
Store At Room Temperature
Aquarium Use
Shelf Life: 2 Years
This product is sealed and date coded for safety and freshness.

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