CrystalClear RapiClear Flocculant

CrystalClear RapiClear Flocculant

CrystalClear RapiClear is designed to clear pond water by combining suspended particulate (organic material) via a process known as flocculation. This allows all suspended organics within the water column to be attracted together & easily removed leaving the pond ecosystem sparkling clean. Crystal Clear RapiClear can usually clear cloudy or muddled water within 1-3 hours.

1) Combines suspended particulates in pond water for easy filtration
2) Fast, effective cleaning action
3) Safe for all aquatic life
4) Treats 16,000 gallons

For Best Results:

High pond pH & buffering capacity may cause temporary clouding of the water, which should dissipate within a day. For CrystalClear RapiClear to work at its maximum potential, it is best if the pond pH is between 7.0 & 8.5 & the buffering capacity is between 120 & 180. Most ponds meet these requirements. For maximum water clarity, use CrystalClear AmmoniaFix in addition to RapiClear.

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