Fish Mate 1000 UV Pressurized Filter

Fish Mate 1000 UV Pressurized Filter


The Fish Mate Pressurized Pond Filter line is a proven leader in the fish pond filter market. A Fish Mate filter can keep your pond water looking crystal clear. With hassle-free maintenance, cleaning your fish pond filter is as easy as flipping a switch. All of the fish pond filters from Fish Mate come with a three-year warranty.


1) Combined UV & Biological Filtration for crystal clear purified water.
2) Maintains clear & healthy water.
3) Biologically reduces ammonia.
4) Can be installed above or below ground level.
5) Multi-sized inlet/outlet: ¾", 1" & 1¼"
6) 3 year warranty


Size (L x W x H): 10¾" x 10″ × 11″
Max Pond Size: 1000 gallon
Flow Rate: 250-650 GPH

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