Hikari Staple Koi Food - Medium Pellet

Hikari Staple Koi Food - Medium Pellet

Hikari Staple is an economical, daily diet for koi as well as other pond fishes. It contains all the basic nutrition your fish need to live a long and healthy life. High in stabilized vitamin C, Hikari Staple supports immune system health. If you're looking for the best diet for your pet and pocketbook this is it!



Floating Pellet
  • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten
  • Helps eliminate over-feeding
  • Reduces water quality problems
  • More Economical
Will Not Cloud The Water Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Supports immune system health
  • Promotes a long, healthy life
Excellent Daily Diet
  • Great basic nutrition
  • No color enhancing capacity


Medium Pellet
17.6 oz #01342
4.4 Lb #01374
11 Lb #01382
22 Lb #01389

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