IlluminFx 8 Light High Output Fiber Optic System - IFX-7408

IlluminFx 8 Light High Output Fiber Optic System - IFX-7408

The IlluminFx 8 Light High Output Fiber Optic light system (IFX-7408) creates the most dramatic and professional lighting available for your pond or water feature.

The IlluminFx Fiber Optic Pond Lighting system consists of a specialized light source enclosed in a box called an illuminator. Up to 16 fiber optic cables are bundled together at one end and terminate in front of the light source inside the illuminator. Multiple "end points" of light, or light fixtures may be illuminated by just one light bulb. No heat or electricity travels through the fibers, making it safe for any environment.

The light source may be positioned in a remote location away from the light output, allowing easy access to the light source for lamp changes. The lights may be used underwater, along waters edge, out of the water, between rocks or virtually anywhere you want to place them. One light bulb illuminates up to 16 seperate fixtures.

A color wheel can be placed between the light source. The wheel may be stopped at one color or rotated continuously from color to color. The color wheel consists of white, gree, magenta and blue.

These fixtures are about 1/2" in diameter at the widest point – around the size of a ball point pen cap.

Kits include:

  • Illuminator with 4 color wheel
  • Pre-cut and pre-assembled fiber optic cable harness
  • Designated number of light fixtures
  • Installation and maintenance manuals

Product Specifications:

Model: IlluminFx 8 Light High Output Fiber Optic, Series 7
Model #: IFX-7408

Lamp: 150 Watt metal halide with rated lamp life of 600 hours

Fiber Optic Cable Harness: 8 pre-assembled fiber optic cables with black pvc jacket.

Fiber Strands per Fixture: 50 strands

Cable Lengths:

2 – 20ft
4 – 30ft
2 – 40ft

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