Leader Ninphaea 700 Fountain Pump

Leader Ninphaea 700 Fountain Pump

Leader Ninphaea fountain pumps feature magnetic drive motors with ceramic parts to reduce wear and tear. Double filtration eliminates the need for sponge filters that clog. The base acts as a pre-filter and next to the inlet side of the pump is a second pre-filter. Thermally protected with an impeller designed to expel dirt and solid particles up to .16 inches. Each pump includes a set of fountain nozzles and flow control.


  • Italian design and maufacturing
  • Incredibly reliable track record for reliability and low failure rate
  • Direct drive output that holds up to head pressure very well compared to other pumps
  • 1.25" discharge, includes adapter for 1.5" fittings
  • 16' power cord
  • Thermally protected motor 
  • Each pump includes fountain nozzles and flow control


Ninphaea 700

  • 185 gph (gallons pr hour)
  • 13 watt
  • Maximum Lift 4.76'
  • 1/2" outlet nozzles
  • 1 way jet
  • bell and inverted cone jet

Jet and Spray Specifications:

  • One-way jet spray 32" high x 34" wide
  • Two-ways jet spray 67" and 43" high x 54" wide
  • Three-ways jet spray 55", 40" and 36" high x 52" wide
  • Bell spray is 31" wide
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