Legacy Summer Staple Fish Food

Legacy Summer Staple Fish Food

Primary Fish Food
Feed 3 days per week

When warmer water temperatures begin increasing the frequency & quantity of your feedings. Microbe-Lift Legacy Summer Staple food has animal protein & color enhancers that are needed during this season.

The added color enhancers are made up of astaxanthin (crab shell), spirulina & krill- all which promote brilliant color development.

Contains Probiotics that produce enzymes to help
break down carbohydrates, protein & fat

Microbe-Lift's Totally Balanced Feeding System

Use this feeding system meet all of your fish's nutritional needs and offer them a tasty variety of foods.

Feed one of the 3 Microbe-Lift Primary foods every other day
(3 days per week)

Summer Staple
High Growth & Energy
Cold Weather
Alternate feeding the 2 Microbe-Lift Supplemental Foods every other day (4 days per week)

Fruits & Greens

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