Little Giant SK5 Pond Skimmer
Little Giant SK5 Pond Skimmer

Little Giant SK5 Pond Skimmer

These durable skimmers improve surface cleaning with an easy flow-through design that both simplifies installation and minimize maintenance.

Skimmer Features:

1) Skimmers come with a bulkhead (but not necessary for use)
2) Sturdy, easy-to-remove lid with optional sand fill port.
3) Easy-to-clean brushes help break up debris.
4) Heavy duty net catches large debris.
5) Handles large pumps
6) Plumb for either side
7) Lockable skimmer door restricts water, easier cleaning or maintenance.
8) Support edge adds strength and rigidity.
9) Circular design for maximum strength.
10) Bottom siphon parts
11) Inlet screen prevents aquatic life from entering unit.

Skimmer Specifications:

Size (W x H x L): 17½" x 24½" x 23"
Flow Through: 5000 GPH

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