Little Giant WF10 Waterfall Filter 10000 GPH - 571011

Little Giant WF10 Waterfall Filter 10000 GPH - 571011

Biological Waterfall Filter with BioVort™ technology was designed to evenly disperse debris and settle solid bio loads for less maintenance and superior filtration.

• Filter pads last longer and create ideal bacteria counts

• 23" wide weir

• Includes biological media and mesh bag

• Circular ridged design for maximum strength

• Flexible pipe grommet eliminates bulkhead fittings

• Vortex action helps settle debri and distribute water evenly over filter pads

• Backflush option simplifies maintenance

• Stainless steel liner attachment ring requires no silcone or screwing into liner

• Plumb from either side

• Drip edge prevents water from flowing behind liner and waterfall unit

Filter Specifications:

Dimensions (HxD): 30″ × 31½"
Flow Through: Up to 10,000 gph
Inlet: 2"
Weir: 23"

Little Giant Filter Accessories:

Little Giant Filter Accessories

Little Giant WF10 Waterfall Filter Owner's Manual

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