Pond Care Ammo-Lock for Koi / Fish Ponds

Pond Care Ammo-Lock for Koi / Fish Ponds

Instantly Detoxifies ammonia from fish waste, tap water, uneaten fish food, decomposing plants & algae. Prepares tap water for plants & fish.

1) Removes chlorine & chloramine from tap & well water
2) Eliminates ammonia stress & promotes healthy gill function
3) Use whenever ammonia is detected

Pond Care Ammo-Lock has been uniquely developed to eliminate the toxic effects of chlorine, chloramine and ammonia that may be present in municipal water used to fill ponds. Fish waste, decomposing algae, plants and uneaten fish food produce ammonia. Ammonia, which is a colorless and odorless toxic chemical, is the number one killer of pond fish. Ammo-Lock also detoxifies harmful levels of ammonia that can occur in pond water from overfeeding and overstocking of fish. Ammo-Lock is patented formula instantly neutralizes both chlorine and chloramine and effectively "locks up' any potential ammonia or immediate ammonia up to 5 ppm per dose. Although ammonia will still be present in pond water, converts the ammonia to a form that is nontoxic to aquatic life; this nontoxic form actually serves as a source of nutrition for nitrifying bacteria in the biological filter. Ammonia build-up can occur whenever starting a new pond, before biological filtration becomes active, or when there is inadequate biological filtration. You should also use Pond Care BioFilter Booster to speed the development of the biological filter.

Pond Care Ammo-Rocks remove ammonia from pond water by ion exchange, while Ammo-Lock neutralizes ammonia but does not remove it. Consequently, ammonia test kits will still show positive results for, ammonia when testing water treated with Ammo-Lock. Neutralization of ammonia toxicity can only be assayed using cell culture techniques. Cell culture studies in fact have demonstrated the effectiveness of Ammo-Lock in neutralizing ammonia's toxic effects on living fish tissue. Extensive research and field-testing also have shown Ammo-Lock to be nontoxic to pond fish, pond plants and amphibians.

Ammo-Lock was proven to be so unique and effective by these studies, that is has been granted a United States patent.

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