Pond Care Ammo-Rocks

Pond Care Ammo-Rocks

  • Faster biological development
  • Removes toxic ammonia from your pond
  • 100% natural zeolite
  • The Japanese pondkeepers’ secret for hundreds of years

For New Ponds or the Start of the Season

New ponds & mature ponds at the start of the season do not have enough nitrifying bacteria to control ammonia & nitrite levels. It can take up to 6 weeks for the biological filter to fully develop. It is during this break-in period that most fish are killed by ammonia. Ammo-Rocks remove toxic ammonia from your pond.

Note: The use of Pond Care Biofilter Booster will speed the development of your biological filter & boost its effectiveness during the hot summer months.

How do Ammo-Rocks Work?

Ammo-Rocks are 100% zeolite, & work through an ion exchange process. The rocks act like sponges to attract toxic ammonia & soak it up. This makes Ammo-Rocks the perfect biological filter media. As the toxic ammonia is attracted to the Ammo-Rocks surface, the growth of nitrifying bacteria is stimulated by the high surface concentration on the Ammo-Rocks. The nitrifying bacteria grow faster & produce larger & more active colonies in your filter. Soon, the bacteria will consume all the ammonia that is in the pond.

Directions for Use of Ammo-Rocks

Ammo-Rocks can be used as a biological filter medium with any type of biological filter. Use at least one 10 pound bag for every 300 gallons of pond water for best results. Ammo-Rocks are a biological filter media and not intended to replace particulate filtration methods, such as foam & brushes. Place Ammo-Rocks in your filter in the same location as your current biological filtration medium. Leave as much room for your current medium as space allows. For best results, Ammo-Rocks should be replaced annually at the start of the pond season.

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