Pond Care Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Pond Care Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Continuous-release tablet formula containing essential nutrients & trace elements for non-stop blooming of hardy & tropical plants.

  • Rich in iron for lush green growth
  • Contains boron to promote flower formation
  • Keeps water lilies blooming all season long
  • Promotes beautiful foliage
  • Benefits bog & marginal plants such as iris, canna & taro

To produce flowers and develop beautiful foliage, aquatic plants need a continuous supply of nutrients. Pond Care® Aquatic Plant Food tablets contain necessary nutrients and essential trace elements, including iron, in a slow release formula. Pond Care® Aquatic Plant Food insures that pond plants keep blooming and produce beautiful foliage all season long.

Nearly all aquatic plants obtain nutrients through their roots. Nutrients are absorbed from the soil by the roots and translocated to the rest of the plant. Water gardeners use potting soil, garden soil, or purchase their plants "potted up" from the nursery. The nutrient quality and content of these soils is unknown. Aquatic plants will not grow unless all the necessary nutrients are available. If, for example, the manganese level is deficient, new growth will appear yellowish. A lack of calcium slows growth and increases the plant's susceptibility to fungal and bacterial diseases. Water lilies, for example, are heavy feeders and must have a constant supply of nutrients to keep producing flowers.

Aquatic Plant Food tablets are designed to be placed directly into the soil of potted aquatic plants. This product contains major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) as well as essential trace elements (iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, sulfur, calcium and magnesium) in a slow-release formula. This unique formulation ensures that your pond plants keep blooming all season long. Nutrients absorbed by the roots are transported throughout the plant. Aquatic Plant Food tablets provide a continuous supply of the nutrition necessary for vigorous growth and flowering, and winter hardiness. Aquatic Plant Food tablets are safe for use with pond fish and do not stimulate algae blooms when used as directed, because nutrients are released directly into the soil for quick uptake by plant roots.

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