Pond Care Bio-Filter Booster

Pond Care Bio-Filter Booster

Why Use Biofilter Booster?

1) Helps the biological filter remain active all season long.
2) Reduces the build-up of toxic chemicals from fish waste.
3) Fish continuously release harmful ammonia into the pond. Uneaten fish food and decaying algae also cause ammonia and nitrite build-up. The beneficial bacteria in Biofilter Booster quickly establish in the spring and maintain the activity of the biological filter in the summer.

How Big Is Your Pond?

All PondCare products are formulated for best results when the directions on the package are followed. To do so, knowing the volume of your pond is important. Click here to calculate your pond volume.

Directions for use:

Spring Start-up and New Ponds:

1) Add 2 teaspoonfuls for every 25 gallons.
2) For larger doses us the dosing cap to add ¼ cup for eac h160 gallons of pond water directly into the biological filter once a week for 4 weeks, or until water tests for ammonia and nitrite stay at optimal levels.

Summer Directions:

Add one teaspoonful for every 25 gallons. For larger doses, use the dosing cap add ¼ cup for each 300 gallons of pond water directly into the biological filter once a month. If water testing indicates dangerous levels of ammonia or nitrite, revert to "Spring start-up" directions while corrective measures are taken.

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