Pond Care PimaFix - Fungus Treatment

Pond Care PimaFix - Fungus Treatment

  • Treats fungal infections
  • Treats both internal and external bacterial infections
    PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with MelaFix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases

16 oz Treats 2400 gallons
64 oz Treats 9600 gallons

Many of today's current medications have become less effective due to resistant strains of pathogens. In response to this problem, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals investigated hundreds of botanical extracts for use against fish diseases. Many years of research & development resulted in the formulation of PimaFix.

University studies and laboratory tests showed that PimaFix is an effective antifungal & antibacterial remedy for both freshwater & marine fish. This evidence led to the granting of a United States Patent. International patents are pending.

Why fish succumb to fungal and bacterial infections

Disease-causing organisms are present in all aquarium and pond environments. Any time a physical abrasion damages fish tissue, fungal

Shipping, netting and poor water quality disrupt a fish's immune system, lowering any resistance to infection. Skin and fin abrasions are an unavoidable part of fish handling. Therefore the potential for infection exists when new fish arrive to the hatchery, fish wholesaler, retailer, home aquarium or pond.

Fungal infections may attack fish that have been damaged by rough handling, shipping, exposure to ammonia or nitrite, improper netting and malnutrition. Fungal pathogens use digestive enzymes to feed on fish tissue. These enzymes damage adjacent healthy tissue, allowing the disease to spread. Fungal infections are usually seen as white cottony patches on fish's body and fins. Stressed or wounded fish are the most susceptible to fungal outbreaks.

Why select PimaFix

PimaFix is a natural botanical remedy made from Pimenta racemosa (West Indian Bay) oil, providing unique active compounds, which harmoniously work together to attack fish diseases. The active compounds found in Pimenta racemosa not only provide many different modes of action, but also eliminate the possibility of the development of resistant strains of disease-causing organisms. Until now, most antifungal medications resulted in unsightly water discoloration throughout the course of therapy. Adult female fish lice lay strips of eggs encased in gelatinous capsules on hard surfaces in the pond. The eggs hatch in three weeks at 86°F. The juvenile parasites feed on the fish, undergoing several molts as they mature. As the parasites grow they will become visible on the fish. Mature fish lice mate & begin the cycle again.PimaFix does not have this disadvantage, providing better viewing of fish during treatment. Treating with PimaFix will not harm the biological filter in freshwater ponds. PimaFix has no effect on pH. PimaFix is harmless to aquatic plants. In extreme cases of especially stubborn infections, PimaFix has been designed to work synergistically with MelaFix. Using PimaFix and MelaFix together provides the added benefit of quick tissue regeneration and wound healing.

PimaFix Directions for Use

Shake well before each use.
For best results remove activated carbon during treatment.
As a disease treatment: Add 1 tsp for every 10 gallons (40L) of water.
Repeat dose daily for 7 days. Treatment may be continued, if necessary.

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