Pond Care Stress Coat for Pond and Koi Fish

Pond Care Stress Coat for Pond and Koi Fish

Replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish when it has been damaged by handling, netting, or other forms of stress.

1) Instantly removes chlorine & breaks the chloramine bond
2) Contains Aloe Vera to help heal wounds & torn fins
3) Use whenever setting up a pond, adding fish, or changing pond water
4) Acts as a liquid bandage to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes

All pond fish secrete a mucoprotein protective slime coat that covers the scales and skin. This slime coat acts as a defense against invasion by bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pathogens. Essential electrolytes necessary for osmoregulation are lost through breaks that may occur in the skin and slime coat, causing dangerous stress. Open wounds and abrasions caused by handling, netting, and breeding behavior are readily attacked by disease organisms, resulting in further stress and disease. Pond Care Stress Coat is a special patented formula containing a slime coat replenisher and Aloe Vera, nature's own liquid bandage. This unique formula not only eases stress but also promotes the healing of damaged fish tissue.

How Stress Coat Works:

Stress Coat contains a special polymer that is attracted to the skin of the fish, forming a synthetic slime coat envelope. Stress Coat also contains electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and chloride, which helps reduce loss of electrolytes through the skin and damaged tissue. The Aloe Vera in Stress Coat reduces inflammation of damaged fish tissue. Independent studies have proven that Stress Coat with Aloe Vera aids in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. In addition, Stress Coat removes chlorine, breaks the chloramine bond, and detoxifies heavy metals from tap water.

This product is recommended for use when establishing a new pond, when adding new fish to a pond, and when changing pond water.

Directions for Use:

1) Handling Pond Fish: Soak a cloth, net or gloves in Stress Coat before handling pond fish.
2) To protect fish: Add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Stress Coat for each 60 U.S. gallons (227 L) of pond water to protect fish, or add 4 oz. (120 ml) for each 240 U.S. gallons (900 L) of pond water to protect fish.
3) To remove chlorine: Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of Stress Coat for each 60 U.S. gallons (227 L) of pond water to remove chlorine, or 4 oz. (120 ml) for each 480 U.S. gallons (1800 L) of pond water to remove chlorine.

Add Stress Coat whenever new water is added to the pond.

For Garden Pond Use Only.

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