Pondmaster 1400 GPH Skimmer Pump

Pondmaster 1400 GPH Skimmer Pump


Pondmaster ProLine 1400 GPH Skimmer Pump with HY-Drive Technology (20350)

The ProLine skimmer pump is a continuous duty waterfall pump designed for use inside a pond skimmer. Its job is to move large volumes of pond water silently and efficiently through pond filtration systems, a waterfall, stream or fountain. Their compact size allows these pond pumps to fit in virtually any pond skimmer, making them a convenient choice for you.

More about the ProLine skimmer pump:

  • High efficiency vortex impeller
  • Rigid pre-filter stabilizes pond pump while protecting it from large debris
  • 1.5" male outlet and 1.5" elbow included
  • Free pump bag included for extra pond pump protection
Pump Specifications
Watts 150
Max Flow Rate 1400 GPH
Max Head 22'
Cord Length 20'
Warranty 5 years


GPH per foot of Head
0' 1' 3' 5' 7' 10' 15' 20'
1400 1275 1250 1150 1100 950 675 350
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