Scott Boilermaker Aerator 230V 1.5HP

Scott Boilermaker Aerator 230V 1.5HP

Scott Boilermaker Aerator - 230V 1.5HP

The Boilermaker is an improved high volume floating surface aerator designed for maximum oxygen transfer and water flow.
The low profile design of the Boilermaker creates a high volume white boil effect of highly aerated water while producing a minimal display pattern.
If pond health is the primary consideration, the highest oxygen transfer rates and the large volume of water circulation makes the Boilermaker the preferred selection.
The Boilermaker is manufactured utilizing a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. No oil to change, no maintenance required, and no control box needed.


600 Gallons of Water per Minute Highly Aerated,
Low Profile Spray Electric Cable Provided is 70 Feet in length,
12 gauge submersible, with plug Electric Cable Can Be Ordered In Greater Lengths
Salt Water Approved Two 20lb. Weights or Concrete Block Required For Anchoring (Not Included)
Two Nylon Ropes Required For Anchoring (Not Included)
Designed for 24 Hour per Day Operation
No Maintenance Required
32” Minimum Pond Depth Required Pond Size Should Be 1/4 Acre or Larger
5 Year Motor Warranty Easy Installation

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