Water Wych Mini - Treats 840 gal

Water Wych Mini - Treats 840 gal

 Water Wych Mini (WWC01) - 9" x 9" x 4.5"
Created over many years to keep the display ponds of the International Hardy Waterlily Collection free from algae.
A unique unit that once placed into the pond, absorbs all impurities in the water, including those impurities that create green water and algae.
Also reduces string algae.
Ideal for freshwater fish including koi and goldfish.
The Water Wych makes it so easy its almost like magic.

Simply completely immerse the Water Wych in the water of your pond or water feature and leave the magic to do its work! Within 2 - 4 weeks the water will become as clear as a mountain stream.

The natural answer for the pondkeepers nightmare.

The Water Wych is a natural algae inhibitor that has been developed and proven by the Henley family for over 15 years and used to maintain crystal clear water in the viewing ponds of its world famous Waterlily Collection.

The Water Wych absorbs excess nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, etc.) from the water, which together with sunlight, make algae grow. It also inhibits string algae (blanket weed).

The Water Wych works alone or in conjunction with other filters, mechanical, biological or UV. It actually improves the effectiveness of the other filters making it easier for the Water Wych to work on the algae the other filters cannot get to.

No chemicals! No pumps! No maintenance!

The Water Wych is a totally natural product and is entirely in keeping with Wychwood's naturalistic approach to water gardening. Made from a special blend of volcanic rocks, carbons and silicates it is totally free from any manufactured chemicals or straw.

The Water Wych does not need a pump or other device to enable it to work. Just immerse it in the water and leave it to work. If placed in a pond with a pump or existing filter the Water Wych will work even faster!

The Water Wych needs no maintenance. Once the contents have been exhausted, removed it and replace it with a new one. The contents of the exhausted one are 98% recyclable.

Pure water + No algae = Pure Magic!

The Water Wych significantly enhances the water quality and clarity of any garden pond or water feature and can be used safely with all forms of aquatic plant and animal life.

Most people report results within two weeks. Many have called to tell us they have experienced results in under a week! Depending on your pond's individual circumstances, we can assure that when properly used, the Water Wych will clear the water within a month, but don't be surprised if the water clears up much sooner.

For best results: the Water Wych should be replaced every year to ensure algae free water at all times.

Water Wych - It's Pure Magic!

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